Franco Cavallotti

Senior Partner 


Franco is a manager with an international culture, who worked in Fiat Group for around twenty years. The growth path, developed in Purchasing and in Business Development areas, has allowed the acquisition of deep competencies in different fields like: Quality, Program Management, Procurement, Finance and Business Development with responsabilities gradually increasing.

They have been performed set up and start up activities of new organizations in two different Joint Ventures in India and China.

The international culture is the result of experiences accrued, during the years, cooperating with different industrial partners (Thomson, General Motors, Chrysler, Tata, Sollers and so on) and working in global complex organizations with collaborators and colleagues of different countries  and cultures.

At the beginning of 2010 Franco decided to begin a new professional and challenge experience as consultant.

He founded an own Company, named M.B.A. (Management of Businesses Advisors), with the goal to support the Top Management of Manufacturing Companies in re-organization and cost reductions of their Operation activities and to support foreign Companies in developing their businesses in Europe.