Managing partner 


  • Started a number of successful businesses in the former USSR as early as 1985. Was one of the very first entrepreneurs in USSR at the time of “Perestroika”. Emigrated to USA due to the civil war in the region.
  • Held Management Positions at United Technologies and Lear Corporations in engineering and program management. Worked in USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, China, and Russia.
  • Was recruited back to Russia by Oleg’s Deripasko organization – Russian Machines and Served as Vice President of Engineering and Operations for a sister company to GAZ – Russian Machines Systems.
  • Later worked as a Vice President of Purchasing, Engineering, and Localization  for Sollers – fourth largest Russian OEM. Was a part of OAR (Russian OEM purchasing consortium) Committee
  • Returned to USA upon end of the contract.


  • Extensive Russian Business (Automotive, Aviation, Railroad, Military, Oil and Gaz, etc.) and Government relationships.
  • Russian local supply chain knowledge.
  • In-Depth knowledge of Russian culture combined with equal knowledge of Western culture as a result of almost 20 years of American management experience.
  • Extensive contacts within Executives in Purchasing and Engineering European Community including FIAT, Peugeots, Opel, Magna, Lear, Delphi, VW.
  • Significant engineering, program management, purchasing, sales experience across most of the developed countries