Alexander Prilepin

Senior Partner


Alexander Prilepin, an engineer and economist by training, is a vice-chairman of the Russian Euro-Asia Center for Economic and Legal Cooperation (EAC), a non-commercial foundation that professionally performs research and provides assistance in investment opportunities for Asia and European clients for both government and private sectors. The EAC is working with the Russian federal ministries and national development institutions as well as with all Russian regional and municipal administrations providing policy and investment advisory services, information support, project development and implementation to secure socio-economic growth and mutually beneficial cooperation among its clients and partners.

In this capacity, he heads the company’s business and government relations activities on behalf of Russian and foreign countries, credit and financial organisations with a particular emphasis on Russia’s Regions and innovation development, investment promotion and technopark/industrial and special economic zones establishment. He combines this activity with the Vice-Chairmanship of the Trustee Board of the International Consulting Agency at Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics as a Special Advisor to Leonid Rocketsky, former Russian senator who is now a Member of the Consultative Board to the State Council at the Russian Presidency and Assistant to the Chief of the Russian President’s Office.

The current activities of the EAC is to develop special instruments that assist municipalities and federal agencies to attract foreign and domestic investors and secure the stable development both municipalities and businesses that work on these territories by formation a special Complex Investment Plans (business plans for a specific business territory development). These plans help to assure best and trust cooperation between local/federal authorities and private sector operators.

Mr. Prilepin’s expertise includes promotion of foreign direct and domestic investments, corporate finance and development strategies and implementation, innovation technologies promotion and trade and development projects. He is a leading expert on Russian SME and regional development issues and public policy promotion and has participated in the development and formulation of numerous important laws with respect to regional development, innovation system establishment, SME sector development and state support, economic and municipal reform in the Russian Federation.

He has considerable international experience. Participated in numerous intergovernmental working groups/committees on technological and economic cooperation where he was responsible for business export/import oriented activities promotion.  Over the past twenty years, Mr. Prilepin has advised more than seventy Russian and Western companies and international organizations including the American Chamber of Commerce, USAID, Eurasia Foundation, Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Alliance (Germany), Siemens (Russia), Microsoft, The World Bank, the Delegation of European Commission in Russia, the  Bank of Moscow and the Russian Association of Lawyers, British TeleCommunication, BDO Unicon, Washington Strategic Advisers, and many others well known worldwide private and state-owned companies. He worked with such credit and financial and insurance institutions as Sberbank of Russia, Incombank, Citi Bank, EXIMBANK of the USA, Alfa Bank, Aliance (Germany), etc/  He initiated, managed and worked for over 40 international projects financed by EC, World Bank, EBRD, USAID, KfW, Japan Government.

Mr.Prilepin is well known in the SME community and its supportive infrastructure all around the country. In capacity of deputy director of the Foundation “SME Resource Center” he was a team leader of a variety of research projects and made hundreds of reviews of on-going commercial research and development projects led by small and medium size private sponsors and supported by the Russian regional Technology Parks, private sectors financial institutions and regional administrations. He was a team leader and senior research expert in FIAS (Foreign Investment Foreign Investment Advisory Service, World Bank Group) research multi-round-year project (2004-2012) to analyse the administrative barriers on the way of foreign and Bank investments into the Russian business sector and conducted a numerous interview and focus group gatherings.

Since 1996, Mr. Prilepin has been actively involved with the Russian Federal Assembly’s two Chambers (Russian Parliament) where he participates in different expert groups for the consideration of particular laws and conducts individual consulting for Russian senators. Prior to his independent consultancy career, he spent over fifteen years working for the Russian Government in a wide range of capacities all over the world. His last governmental assignments were: Deputy Minister of the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Support and Development of Small Business,  Deputy General Director of the Russian Federation Federal Fund for SME Support, Chairman of the Russian Government Bureau for Humanitarian and Technical Assistance, Head of the  Main Department of the Russian Government Agency for International Cooperation and Development and as Special  Assistant to Mr.Alexandr Shokhin, the Vice Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation.

Mr.Prilepin began his professional career in 1981, working for the All-Union Research and Development Institute for Economic Problems of Science and Technology Development Research and Development Institute of the Industrial Association “Electronica”, State Committee for Science and Technology (USSR time) and then in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with assignments in the USA, France, GB, Spain and European Commission. That experience keeps him very knowledgeable in the area of investment projects and economic development in Russia and western countries.

Born in 1956 in Eisk-city of Krasnodar region, he is a graduate of Voronezh Technological University and received two educational Master degrees in economics and subsequently completed his legal studies and reforms.