Greg Gilbert

Senior Partner


Greg is a proven senior executive with over 30 years hands on experience in
manufacturing/product/engineering and quality management that covered
stamping, assembly, power train, automation systems with OEM ’s and Tier 1
Suppliers. He has performed and managed all plant operation disiplines including
H.R., engineering, quality, finance, production control, procurement &
manufacturing engineering with global exposure to European and Far East
managerial and manufacturing practices.

Gilbert began his career after graduation as a Tool M aker and progressed to both
Stamping & Power Train M anager of M anufacturing Engineering and was
subsequently promoted to Engine Plant M anager. He was later appointed to head
the successful planning & implementation of the Foundry Plants M odernization
Program for Chrysler. Following his success at Chrysler, Greg was recruited by
A.G. Simpson to manage the multiple plant locations and succeeded in planning &
producing quality cost competitive components for Toyota, Ford, Chrysler and GM .
I n 2006 Greg was recruited by AAM to manage three plant locations in Ohio
undergoing a major capital investment for infusion of new GM business. He
launched the expansion, managed these plants, initiated cost control processes and
systems resulting in establishing AAM as a highly competitive supplier in the
precision transmission components business.

Gilbert’s extensive experience in manufacturing, resource management and
business development worldwide, will benefit companies seeking asset utilization
increases as well as securing new business.